About Me

Everyone is multi-faceted and juggles countless roles.  I’m a wife, Mama, professor, handmade business owner, crafter, animal lover and a person highly tolerant of clutter and its related chaos.  I have two busy and spirited children and a husband with whom I share mutual love and respect and raised eyebrows over the startling things our kids say and do.

I spent 10 years in college, collecting degrees from North Dakota State and a Ph.D. from Ohio State University, envisioning myself as growing old and gray in front of a college classroom.  My outlook changed.  I made some lemonade.  I created my business, Made For You by Dr.Q.  Tasted pretty good.  It grew from nothing to a growing and successful niche business.  Thought I’d taste another sip and branch out into freelance writing and Quenette Ink was born.  While I may yet still retire as a professor, I’ve diversified my investments, shall we say?  While my future is possibly a different one from what I planned, it is a bright and inspiring one all the same.

Dr.Q does is an insight to my own life as a mother, spouse, and professional living in the midst of chaos, clutter, and challenges that each of us is facing in our own way.

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