Dr.Q does … Pinterest

I have to admit, I have not understood Pinterest.  I still don’t know if I really do.  There are many things about it that frustrate me.

I like vertically and horizontally aligned boxes.  I like to click on things and have it take me right to the thing.  Not to a popup on the screen or a page that is somewhat like the page I wanted or another page with a long list of things and one of them is the thing I want.  I do not know how to FIND what I WANT and how to GET the information via Pinterest.

Someone recently tried to explain it as a search engine, rather than a social media platform.  This started to tweak my interest and change my perspective.

Regardless, it is growing like wildfire and people love it and it’s well, a thing.  A thing I’m going to dive into for the next 30 days and see if I can find some worthy projects to tackle.

There are infinite things out there to try, but I narrowed it down to a few categories.  Because we’re moving soon I didn’t want to make anything annoying to haul with us.  For example, I really wanted to make a sisal chair out of an old tire, but yeah, not gonna happen just now.  It had to be useful, it had to be something I’d never done before, and it had to be inexpensive.

So after many laborious hours browsing, I found a set of projects I’ll share with you this month – ideally, I can avoid some serious Pinterest fails.

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