Dr.Q does … the bathroom

The bathroom.  One day I will live in a house with one of those “spa” bathrooms where the tiles are white and gleaming and everything is breakable and white and sun shines in through stunning low e windows and I have fluffy floor rugs and posh bathrobes and always shaved legs.

Oh.  Did I get carried away there for a second?

Meet our main bathroom.  It’s just a few ticks off a lovely spa bath, right?

Regardless of the fixtures, this bathroom has a problem.  Well, I have a problem, mostly with keeping the counter clear.  Despite a vanity cabinet, overflow storage upstairs and a handy shelf, there is always stuff all over the counter in here.

So I set to work, weeding out, reorganizing and tidying up the mess of products.  I added a hand towel under the soap to keep the kids’ eternal water lake under control and I straightened some towels.  I also replaced three burnt out lightbulbs.  I don’t think it can get much easier than that.


No.  It isn’t beautiful.  It is probably still a disaster to many people.  But, I can live with this.  And, it’s a lot more restful for all of us.

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