Dr.Q does … chores

In 2015 Braun research did a survey citing that although 82% percent of parents had chores as children, only 28% make their children do chores.  

I sat at my computer indignantly because I could come up with 5 reasons easy why kids need to do chores.  Then I realized, it had been at least a month since I enforced daily chores with the kids.  Once school started and the schedule got disrupted it was hard to find time to squeeze in chores (AKA me hollering and explaining over and over what needed to be done) as I was trying to capitalize on outside play time before dinner.

Honestly, my kids would do a crap ton of chores if I didn’t have to stand there reminding, reminding, pitching in, pointing out things, and moving them along so things get finished this century.  On the other hand, they clean the patio door like a boss.

We have a lovely little chore chart system and it overall works pretty well.  Kids select, or I select chores for them, and we put them up on the boards.  Finish the chore, turn your card around, get to add a pompom to the jar.

When the jar is full they get to pick a collective prize that doesn’t involve buying stuff – stuff like trips to the library, museum visits, Duncan Donuts trip, playground time, etc.

My kids filled their jar 98% full and then basically refused to do any more chores.  I was busy, they were busy and I gave up.

So this month I rebooted us.

I started by allowing them to choose their prize from the nearly full jar and then emptying it.  (They chose a donut as their reward).

Then, every morning I went through the chore cards and selected 3 for each kid to do.  They could choose when to do their chores but they had to be done before bed each night.


I had to make some new cards to duplicate things so both kids could say, clean their rooms on the same day but otherwise, we have the system in place.

Now just to use it.

They actually love checking their board and working on their tasks and by sticking with it, they’re actually much more inclined to help me pick up at other times as well.  As with most things, sticking with it is key to success and I suppose, lots of that rests on me.


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