Dr.Q does the kitchen and dining room

Oh, kitchen.  You truly are the heart of our home.  But damn.  You are so annoying.

This photo is not of my kitchen.  Becuase my kitchen is ugly and it is from 1996.  But it could use some love and this week is all about showing some love to the heart of our home.

I’ve learned that kitchens are mostly about daily maintenance and inspiration and dedication.  So this week is about some projects I have been putting off due to a lack of, well, giving a [bleep].  I intended to get more done this week than I actually did but you know, life.

Project 1:  Big cabinet full of everything

This is a big one.  Pretty much 80% of our cooking and food storage containers are in this massive cabinet.  It is a bear.  It is horrible.  And it is long overdue.

I started by getting out huge bath towels and putting them down on the floor so I could take EVERYTHING out.  Here it is.  I had all this in that cabinet.

Then I sorted.  What did I love??  What was I over?  What needed a lid or was missing a piece?  I was able to get out some baby food things that were hanging around, some non-stick pans with damaged finishes and a platter.

The platter was hard for me as it was beautiful and I loved it but I rarely if ever used it and the finish was doing something weird from the stuff that was on top of it.  I would say that 90% went right back in the cabinet.

Next, I got out the organizer shelves, some were in there before and some I had bought months ago meaning to do this project over the summer.  Then I grouped everything from frequent use to less frequent use and laid it out in that order on the towels.

Starting at the back and working my way to front and center, I reassembled the cabinet.

The best/worst part of this project is that I have been putting it off since the summer and it literally took me 45 minutes.  And 20 minutes of that was reassembling and sorting the tupperware.

Lesson learned:  Don’t put off for tomorrow what will freaking just take you a few minutes to do.  Srsly.

Project 2: Kid cups

Somehow, without me looking, my littles who needed special bowls and silverware and cups ended up being bigger so they no longer need all these special small dishes.  But I still have a bin of small bowls and whatnot on my counter.  Fed up with water bottles tumbling out of the cabinet on my head, I decided to do some rearranging.

Although half the stuff was in various stages of dishwashing the idea was, remove old stuff, put the lids to kid cups in the bin, and get rid of cups that aren’t exactly my favorite.  15 minutes and I was happy and done!

The before and after pics aren’t very sexy on this one, but I have yet to have a cup fall out of the cabinet on my head.  (Other than the other night during the puke episode and I was trying to get a cup for the kid to drink out of without really touching anything.  But I don’t think that should count.)

How’d you do in your kitchen?  Rock it out.  It won’t take as long as you think it will…


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