Dr.Q Does … Capability

Rarely am I confronted with something I am unable to do.  But today, this week there are far too many things for me to do then I am possibly capable of ever doing in a day.

And it’s sort of wearing on me.  As though I am a shirt where the fabric is pulled too tight and the fibers are too worn and you can start to see the light poking through the weave.

There are conflicting demands and there are strong needs and there are struggles that are invented for no reason.  Then there are the wants and the wishes.

My list is longer than I can manage today.  But here is what I can do:

  1. I can ensure my kids and family are fed, warm, and safe.
  2. I can help everyone be well-rested (well, in bed on time anyway).
  3. I can make sure people have clean dishes to eat off.
  4. I get myself clean.
  5. I can manage the big things first and the littler things after.
  6. I can prioritize wisely.
  7. I can stay focused to make better use of my time.
  8. I can roll with the punches – bob and weave.

I think that’s about all I can promise for an outcome for today, but looking at it now, I think this is probably a list I can stick to pretty much every day.  And tomorrow, I can worry about tomorrow.

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