Dr.Q does home organization

Our house always looks like a disaster.  A straight up disaster.  When people are coming we vacuum and try to clear off the sitting areas.  But it’s a disaster.  My husband and I, in our desperate attempt to inspire our children to help us in managing the disaster, told the children that other people don’t just have stuff all over their floors all the time.  They put their granola bar wrappers in the trash right way and they don’t walk on stuff to move around the house.

One night, the kids and I were sitting on the floor playing and reading and my son declared, “We’re just like a normal family!” After pondering this I realized it was because there finally wasn’t all the stuff on the floor (I had spent nearly two days picking up the room and fighting back against the kid tornado).

So, this is an issue in our house.  This month I’m going to try to tackle it.

I found the FlyLady years ago and I whole-heartedly embrace and adore her no-nonsense approach to cleaning, organization, and dealing with your stuff and your life.  When I get on board with her program, I do pretty well.  I feel like I’m doing pretty well.  And then I fall off the bandwagon (her peeps call this, fluttering) and it all goes to hell again.

Her most important mantra, to me, is: You’re not behind.  Just jump in where you are.  This is very freeing advice to me as I grew up listening to my mom constantly say she was behind on the housework.  As someone who is also constantly behind on the housework this makes me feel like I must insanely clean my entire house in one day to have it “done”.  FlyLady says this is nuts, because it is.  She focuses on spending 15 dedicated minutes here and there and getting routines and schedules.

Thanks to my last round of FlyLady-ness, I make my bed every morning.  This is amazing.  To see the neat and tidy bed all day everyday and get into a bed that was not jumbled up with an egg beater is fantastic.  But slowly, the rest faded away.

FlyLady uses zones and I’m roughly going to try to follow the zones for one month and I’ll share my before and after pics with you.  Although embarrassing, I’ve decided I’d rather just be embarrassed and live in a Pottery Barn or Ikea catalog once and for all.  By the way, FLY in FlyLady stands for “Finally Loving Yourself”.  She says that unless we love ourselves first we won’t value ourselves enough to live in a beautiful home.

I don’t have thousands or even really hundreds to spend on beautiful shelving units and cute boxes to put everything in.  This is going to be working with what I have, getting rid of shit, and figuring out what to do with all the shit I’m keeping.  Because, even if I find our house too small, it seems inane to not enjoy our day to day lives because of all the stuff.  Enough.

Come along.  Or, if you’re brave, try it out yourself.  If you haven’t checked out FlyLady – DO.  But beware, there are a lot of emails.  She’s quite defensive about the emails but I’m amazing at deleting them.

Ready, set.  GO.

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