Dr.Q does RUNNING!

Off and on over the years, I’ve been running.  Then I stop.  Then I wish I was a “runner”.  Then I start again, then I stop.  The stops and starts have evolved around the cooking and birth of both of my children and other life stuff.

Over the summer, someone made a rather unflattering comment about my weight.  Yes, my weight is something that bothers me, something I’m unhappy with.  Yes, I was planning on getting going to do something about this.  But this comment really bothered me.  And so I did something about it.

I started walking.  Rather than sit in a lawn chair and work on my handmade business products while my kids were playing outside with the neighbors, I walked.  I walked anywhere and anytime I could.  And then I started running.  Again.

When I was a graduate student and our son was little and we were dirt broke, I basically strong armed my husband into buying a treadmill.  We got a great deal but we didn’t even have room in our house for it, out to the garage it was relegated.  Prior to the treadmill I had been running at the crack of dawn with my son in our jogging stroller – schedules changed and again, I stopped running.

But not this time.

In September I signed up to run a 5K at the beginning of November.  See how Dr.Q does running this month for the “BIG RACE” next.


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