The Professor is In… Business?

Recently life handed me a gigantic oak barrel of lemons.  I cleaned my sink with some, rubbed others on my wood furniture, sucked on a couple and then decided to finally make lemonade.

I didn’t want to make lemonade, in fact I spent over six months believing that at some point, all the lemons would be recalled and I could go about my life without carrying this gigantic barrel every moment of every day.

In this time, I turned back to crafting, specifically knitting.  While I had been a casual knitter and crocheter for years, it had just been a side project – one of many minor side projects.  However this time, I discovered Ravelry, luxurious yarns, stunning photography and finished objects that suggested a cozy, comfy and always polished existence.  The people sporting these knitting goods had sparkling bathrooms and empty kitchen sinks and perfectly organized kids toys.  I wanted to be these people.  So, instead of cleaning my bathroom or loading my dishwasher or sorting kids’ toys, I knit.

I knit and I invested in yarn and I collected hundreds of patterns I’d like to make someday.  One day I visited a pattern and found the designer had collaborated with another crafter to create custom stitch markers to accompany her project.

Ah ha!  There it was!  I can make those!  They are beautiful!  I want some!  Everyone should want some!  My husband, when I explained this to him, though I was a little crazy.  Ah, what’s a stitch marker, he asked, slowly.

“They are wonderful and so pretty and I am going to make them!”  He still thinks I’m crazy, but he’s behind me 100%.

So I began.  I researched, I shopped, I practiced and I designed!  I made something!  And they were pretty and I wanted to keep them for myself.  But instead, I kept working and trying new things and of course, buying lots of supplies.  Then I opened my Etsy shop and started on Instagram.

So far, the lemonade is delicious.  I’m glad I took my time before deciding exactly what my lemonade would be like before beginning – there are many moments of each day where I wonder what I am doing and why.

But I’m having a lot more fun than carrying a depressing barrel of lemons around with me.

P.S. My bathroom still isn’t clean, although I aspire to a kitchen sink free of dishes.

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